Pragmatic WPF series: Overview

26 09 2008

In the previous post I said that, as the “XPlorerBar” project progressed, I will publish new posts to keep you informed of the main problems met and the technical solutions set up to resolve them. This gives me the opportunity to begin a series of articles on discovering WPF features using Visual Studio 2008. For now, the list of the topics I plan to cover is:

  • theming,
  • skinning,
  • resource organization,
  • “lookless” control,
  • building an animated decorator,
  • pixel snapping,
  • generating MSDN-style documentation,
  • XBAP support,
  • designer support.

This list is not exhaustive and I would like you to let me know what area you’d like to see me publish. I hope this series of articles will help developers to feel confident building a WPF application and to dig deeper into some areas of the framework.