Yesterday was a very good day

7 11 2008

Yesterday, I posted my very first article on the Code Project site. Called “XPlorerBar: a WPF Windows XP Style Explorer Bar Control”, this article is the result of the project presented in a previous post.

Here is a screenshot of the various themes provided with the XPlorerBar control.


Last september, I promised you to publish new posts to keep you informed of the main problems met during the XPlorerBar project and the technical solutions set up to resolve them but I didn’t. I’m terribly late. Now that the article is posted, I will try to keep the blog up to date and add the promised posts to the “Pragmatic WPF series”.

So, stay tuned and see you soon…


Welcome to my Blog

10 09 2008

Welcome to my WPF Blog, the place where I will be posting general WPF news and a lot of “tips and tricks”, that I hope useful for the devs. I also will be posting information related to the products I develop including new features and upcoming developments.

This blog has the ambitious goal of being helpful in WPF programming and, to manage it, your comments and suggestions would be extremely helpful.

Stay tuned for some big updates coming soon…